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Pablo Francisco Biography

When Pablo Francisco hits the stage, he immediately brings his audiences to their feet with boisterous laughter and applause. He weaves together his arsenal of characters, spontaneous outbursts, and clever insights to create a stand-up show that more resembles an hour-long comedic jazz riff. He is an off-the-wall, animated character that points out the absurdity in an illogical, pop-culture obsessed world.

His unmatched take on all things pop culture has taken him into the ranks of the most popular touring comedians worldwide. Pablo’s enormous popularity has driven his Myspace Comedy page into the top 25 out of over 33,000 placing Pablo’s page in the top three most visited on the site. His outrageously funny material has hooked millions of viewers on YouTube.

In the Spring of 2009, Pablo completed a European tour where he sold almost 20,000 tickets in 9 cities across Scandinavia (the Fall 2007 Tour sold 30,000 tickets in 30 days). Concurrently, Pablo is building his new one hour Comedy Central special to be filmed next year while packing colleges and major concert venues across the country. Francisco recently contributed self-produced content to digital campaigns for Nokia, Absolut and Rhapsody.

It is not uncommon to sense the anticipation of Pablo’s audience as his fans await their favorite impressions, while being surprised by his unpredictable transformations. Those who experience Pablo’s show for the first time find themselves captivated by his hilarious dead on impressions. Gene Lavanchy of FOX – TV Boston calls Pablo “the most talented comedian in the business today”. His unbelievable ability to physically morph himself into movie stars, singers, friends, family, and a multitude of nationalities give Pablo’s show a universal appeal. His drop-dead funny spoofing often leaves his audiences struggling to catch their breath which is the driving force behind his huge success. His rendition of the intensely melodramatic Spanish language soap operas on Telemundo and his narration of the action-movie preview with Arnold Schwarzenegger as a tortilla vendor bring screams of laughter coast to coast. This gifted performer continues to thrive on his creativity and the spontaneity of stand up comedy selling out concert venues, universities and comedy clubs alike. Pablo continually pushes the envelope, constantly refining new material and frighteningly accurate embodiments.

Pablo's own critically acclaimed one hour special on Comedy Central entitled “OUCH!” continues to stay on the network’s most requested list. DVDTalk calls “OUCH!” “Truly original and funny”. His much anticipated follow-up Comedy Central Special is due out in 2010.

In addition to his Comedy Central specials, Pablo has appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", Comedy Central’s “The Show Biz Show w/ David Spade” and “Mind of Mencia”. He has also been a cast member on the Fox Network's sketch comedy show "Mad TV,” TBS’s “Frank TV,” and made his debut appearance on Howard Stern’s radio show in 2009.

Pablo Francisco comedy specials

  • Pablo Francisco: They Put It Out There (2011) Pablo Francisco They Put It Out There Filmed at the Margaret A. Webb Theatre in Santa Ana, California. The DVD was released on November 22nd, 2011.
  • Pablo Francisco: Ouch! Live From San Jose (2006) Pablo Francisco Ouch! Live From San Jose The DVD was released on November 11th, 2006.
  • Pablo Francisco: Live - Bits & Pieces Pablo Francisco Bits and Pieces Filmed in Irvine, California. The DVD was released on July 27th, 2004.
  • Pablo Francisco: Comedy Central Presents (2000) Pablo Francisco Comedy Central Presents (2000) The special was released on December 25th, 2000.

Pablo Francisco jokes

They're calling Hooters the family restaurant. Isn't that hilarious? Tits for the whole family.

Doesn't it suck: nice body, ugly face? Doesn't that suck? It's like, I love spaghetti, but it's got shit on it.

Those kids in horror movies are so easy to kill. You could strangle them with a cordless phone.

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