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Deon Cole Biography

Deon Cole is originally from the south side of Chicago. He is one of the most requested headlining comedians in the club and college circuit nation wide. He is also a successful actor, having appeared in MTV's Short Circuitz and Wild N' Out with Nick Cannon, as well as Barbershop 1 and 2. As a standup, he has been featured on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, Comedy Central's Laffapalooza, HBO's Def Comedy Jam, BET's Comic View, NBC's Showtime at the Apollo, BBC's The World Stands Up, and STARZ' Martin Lawrence's First Amendment. Deon also had his own half-hour special on Comedy Central which premiered in 2007.

After Deon's standup appearance on The Tonight Show, he was offered a job as a staff writer for the show and has since made multiple appearances as a commentator and sketch performer on the show. TV Guide declared, “A Star is Born” after Deon's commentary pieces kept growing as a bit on the show. He is currently a featured act on Conan O'Brien's The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour.

Deon has been a featured comic in the HBO US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen and the CanWest Comedy Fest in Vancouver. He was a finalist in NBC's Stand-Up for Diversity Showcase and he won BET's Robin Harris Award for most original comic. He has been part of several tours including the Cole-Cola World European Tour for the Troops (Germany, Amsterdam, Belgium, Japan, & Korea), the BET Comedy Tour, the Def Jam Tour, the Budweiser Superfest R. Kelly Tour and the Mary J. Blige Tour. Deon's charismatic personality and original style make him one of the most popular performers in the comedy scene today.

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Deon Cole jokes, Quotes & One Liners

I like drinking vodka and cranberry. That's my drink. That way you able to get messed up and clean your system out at the same time.

This girl I used to talk to, she was cool, but I think we're gonna have to breakup because she's always mad at me. She's always telling me I don't ever take her nowhere. So this Thursday coming up, I told her I was gonna take her to court.

Michael Jackson died, that was sad. I was watching his funeral on TV... and my son came in, he was like, 'Daddy, who's that?' and I said, 'Michael Jackson.' Then they showed another picture of Mike, and my son was like, 'Daddy, who's that?' and I said, 'Michael Jackson.' Then they showed another picture of Mike, and my son was like, 'Daddy, who's that?' and I said, 'Michael Jackson,' and he was like, 'You're kiiidding meee.' I was like, 'It is Mike, I don't know how he do that, go to bed.'

Black people let me down on Family Feud. One time, they had a black family and a white family on there, at the podium, and the host was like, 'Name a word with the word "hood" in it.' And the white family hit it, and she was like, 'Childhood,' and they was like, 'Show us childhood,' and it was number three. So the black family gets a chance to steal, and this motherfucker gonna say: 'In da hood'.... I was like, dumbass, that's a sentence!

I don't trust nobody who wear all white neither. You ever see these people? They come out the house: all white jacket, all white shirt, all white belt, pants, shoes, socks. Who do you think you are that you not going to get dirty today? You that responsible today that you ain't going to lean on nothing and get dirty? I ought to kick you in your back and send you home.

When I moved out to LA they told me I had to work out. I was like, 'I don't wanna do that.' They gave me this trainer, and the dude was like... 'The most important thing is, you can't eat late at night or you'll get fat.' And I'm like, 'Forget that, you supposed to eat late at night.' He was like, 'No you not.' I'm like, 'Well, why they put a light in the refrigerator?'

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