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Bill Burr Biography

Bill Burr is an American comedian or a comedian from the North American Union, depending on when you read this. He grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts, and did fairly poorly in school, despite the fact that he applied himself.

Having first gained notoriety for his recurring role on the second season of Chappelle's Show, Burr developed a comedic style of uninformed logic that has made him a regular performer on the Late Show with David Letterman and Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

Burr's first hour special, Bill Burr: Why Do I Do This? premiered on Comedy Central in the fall of 2008 to rave reviews, and is now available on CD and DVD. His 2009 tour, The Uninformed Comedy Tour, featured all new material. Burr's first CD, Emotionally Unavailable: Expanded Edition, was released by What Are Records?

Burr shot the Steve Carell and Tina Fey feature, Date Night, in Los Angeles and New York. He starred in his own HBO One Night Stand and Comedy Central Presents half-hour specials, and he has performed on Showtime at the Apollo, BET's Comicview, and Jamie Foxx Presents Laffapalooza.

When in New York, Burr always drops in on The Opie and Anthony Show and eats at Ray’s Famous Pizza, because he “loves all three of those mother f*ckers.” Burr also co-hosts his own Sirius XM Radio show, Uninformed, with fellow comedian Joe DeRosa.

In the future, Burr hopes to get married, have some kids, and get a dog. Until then, he will continue to spend most of his mid-afternoons sitting in his sweatpants learning AC/DC songs on his Gibson SG.

Burr is against organized religion and believes we should go back to the gold standard for our currency. None of his opinions are based on any sort of reliable information. He tends to go with his first thought because reading makes him sleepy.

Bill Burr comedy specials

  • Bill Burr: Let it Go (2010) Bill Burr Let it Go Filmed at The Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, California. The DVD was released on September 18th, 2010.
  • Bill Burr: Why Do I Do This? (2008)
    Bill Burr Why Do I Do This? Filmed at the New York University Theater in Manhattan, New York. The DVD was released on August 23rd, 2008

Bill Burr jokes, Quotes & One Liners

You know why men make more money than women? Because, in the unlikely event that we're both on the Titanic and it starts to sink, for some reason, you get to leave with the kids and I have to stay -- that's why I get the dollar more an hour.

You know what a cubicle basically says? It basically says, like, 'You know what? We don't think you're smart enough for an office, but we don't want you to look at anybody.'

You're a kid, your whole life is awesome. It's awesome, right? You had no money, no ID, no cell phone, no nothing, no keys to the house. You just ran outside into the woods. You weren't scared of nothing. I challenge you to do that as an adult. All your IDs, all your credit cards -- just run out of the house with no phone, turn the corner where you can't see your house, and not have a full on panic attack.

Rednecks are like America's pit bulls. They should just sedate those people, drop 'em off in Afghanistan, just let them run wild. Just be like, 'Dude, just go do everything you ever dreamed of doing. Just go crazy. Have one of your friends play the banjo -- it'll scare the hell out of them.'

You know what I like about George Bush? He makes me feel like I could be president, too. No, he does. He's like the first guy, like, from my reading level, you know -- the first guy, like, from my math class to finally go out and do something!

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